Corporate Strategy

Successfully meeting the challenges of changing industries defined our strategic directions in 2016 and 2017. Although we still cultivate our strong standing as corporate and communications consultants, we took the opportunity to enter more intensively the areas of sustainability, strategy and organizational development, business and marketing plans. The opportunties open partially from international trends or global agendas, partially from regulatory developments, digital transformation, but mostly from changing societal habits, needs and trends of our clients’ customers and other stakeholders.

At the same time we continue our own transformation. This report documents our current move: In recent years, we have made significant progress in integrating CSR into our corporate strategy. Today, we are going one step further and align our strategy to the principles of social responsibility and the global goals.

More than 5 years ago, we have developed our current mission: „We contribute with corporate relations services to business, society and environment“. Now, we use the SDGs for its target and impact-oriented implementation. We are doing that based on our vision „Leading the Corporate Relations Business“ and our values: excellence, contribution, passion & dedication, reliability and diversity.

This report contains the areas from our Materiality Map that were especially significant in 2016 and 2017. Each of the following chapters describes our management approach to the topic and points out the related SDG to which we contribute: