Corporate Strategy

Despite all the dynamic changes of our time, the fundamental principles of our company have remained unchanged for many years: Based on the five values ​​- excellence, contribution, passion and dedication, reliability and diversity, we follow the vision of “Leading the corporate relations business” and fulfill our daily mission of “contributing to the economy, society and the environment through our services”. Following these principles, it was a natural step to align our business development with sustainable development and the 17 global goals of the United Nations.

This report documents our continuous move towards these goals. You will gain insights into our seven core strategies, the progress in these areas, and the implications for related global goals and specific targets.

It covers all material aspects of our corporation and also shows how a consultancy can create value for society: being focused on supporting the sustainable development of our clients and making them fit for the coming challenges of the future!

We are aware that the indicators are still insufficient to measure our actual impact. But we are a learning organization, trying to improve and even contributing to the development of impact measurement. In this regard, this report is a dynamic document that may also be updated during the year.

We invite you to give us feedback about this report but also to join our efforts and to work with us towards the global goals.