The European Union recognizes that new growth opportunities come from technological breakthroughs, introduction of new processes and business models, as well as from non-technological innovation and innovation in the services sector. “These must be combined with creativity, flair and talent, or innovation in its broadest sense”, says the EC.

Innovation continues to be one of our most important material topics as well. In 2018 we realized more vividly that it encompasses not only recognizing and seizing opportunities to develop and improve our cooperation with our clients and offer new services. It means also that we need to constantly develop our team culture, share knowledge and collaborate to become a truly learning organization, which has been, and continues to be, one of the staples of our strategy for the last ten years.

SDGs to which we contribute:

Key Performance Indicators:

4new products and services in the last 3 years (-1)

3new lectures for CSR education developed (+1)

1new internal knowledge-sharing system